Youth / Young Adult Ministries

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Greek Dance Troupe

The Minneapolis St.Mary’s Hellenic Youth Dance Program was originally established in 2005 by three veteran Greek dance instructors, Tessie Bourdamis (current director), Rena Tsengas (now retired), and the late Christina Sacorafas. In this initial year, there were a dozen students participating in the program. Over these many years, the dance program has continued to evolve and be open to all youth of our St. Mary’s community from the ages of six to twenty.

Dance classes are held throughout the year at St. Mary’s where students learn and practice a multitude of traditional dances from the various regions of mainland Greece as well as the many island groups. Dressed in native Greek costumes, our students perform with precision and enthusiasm, at our annual St.Mary’s Greek Festival in September, our Greek Independence Day program in March, as well as at other special occasions in our community and cultural functions at schools in the greater community. We are blessed and proud that our Greek dance program continues to grow in numbers, support, and popularity. We currently have forty boys and girls who perform over thirty Greek dances and have become proud “ambassadors” of their Hellenic heritage through music and dance. Opa!

Come and join us! All youth ages 6-20 “something” are invited to participate in this great program! Dancers perform annually at the Greek Festival and the Greek Independence Day celebration in March! Contact Tessie Bourdamis for practice schedules and more information: 952.831.3529.